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SI Agile:


Social Impact Agile is a movement focused on carrying out Social projects, created by a team of professionals in Agile and Development applicable to any effort that seeks to improve the quality of life of one or more people.


SiAgile was created with the participation of Rocío Briceño, Alistair Cockburn and Gerardo Blizter who actively work in this movement. SIAgile also recognizes the contribution in part of the meetings of Ricardo Sanchez and Ernesto Mondelo even when they are not part of the team anymore.


Currently SIAgile has the support of organizations and groups of volunteers in different parts of the world, forming a global network of professionals in agile applied to social impact.


You can join this team by sending an email to

Sponsorships and Support:

If you want to sponsor or be a partner of SiAgile, you can write to us to talk about the different forms and mechanisms of support and collaboration



Social Impact Agile began in 2016 under the name of positive impact management philosophy, applied to the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility by Rocío Briceño, later changing the name to Agile in Social Impact.


In 2018, Rocío carried out consultancies for the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB and mentioned the subject of what she has been working on in several conversations with the team.


In 2019 Alistair Cockburn joins the movement and gives it the impetus that was needed to form a team commitment since as a co-creator of agility he had been making efforts in multiple industries.


Gerardo Blitzer, had been working on social projects for many years and in 2019 decided to join together to contribute his knowledge in foundations and social work in Argentina.


In August 2019, a meeting of friends was held, in which Ernesto Mondelo, at that time, director of an education program in project management for development at the IDB, and Ricardo Sanchez, at that time, a consultant for the IDB.

Sponsorships and Support
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The Team

In 2020, Briceño resumes the movement while deciding to relaunch her services as an entrepreneur, continuing with the support of Alistair, Gerardo and new participants from several countries who decide to join and contribute to create a collaborative work network, coaching and training that to reach successful results in social impact and development projects.




The team:


MBA. Rocío Briceño consultant for international organizations in Washington DC, USA. Harvard Kennedy School student and technical reviewer of the 2018-2020 Inter-American Development Bank agile guide, one of PMI's global standards reviewers and activist in various communities worldwide.


PhD. Alistair Cockburn, voted among the "150 IT Heroes of All Time", was a co-author of the Agile Manifesto.

He co-created the Agile Project Leadership Network, the International Consortium for Agile, and most recently the Heart of Agile concept.

Dr. Cockburn advises and teaches on organizational effectiveness, agile management, and project planning.


MPM Gerardo Blizter Deputy Director. Development and Operations at Habitat for Humanity Argentina, former volunteer leader for PMI Education Foundation.



The Commitments:


SIAgile declares and recognizes the following commitments taken as key to social impact projects:


1. Clear and shared objectives
To align the people who work in the social project with the results,
We will look for projects with clear objectives and benefits that have the
stakeholder engagement.

2. Recipients actively involved
To maximize impact, we will work in teams that actively involve recipients in the management of social projects.

3. Teams with social passion
To ensure that the people who execute the project deliver high-impact social results, we will work in teams with social passion.

4. Transparency
To gain the trust and support of all project stakeholders, we will work in transparent teams with information and decision-making during project management.


5. Frequent and visible results.
To maximize impact, we will work in teams that actively involve recipients in the management of social projects.

These commitments are the basis for social projects to have a high impact and as long as they are present, the conditions will be given to transform social ideals into realities and benefits that positively impact the lives of the recipients.


Guides, Publications & Trainings


Being part of the movement you will be aware of the available materials, guides, various publications, trainings and updates.


People and also organizations or companies can be part of the movement, social impact is an issue that should interest us all.





Some reference documents that are related to the topic of agility in social impact are:


UNICEF: Methodological synthesis n ° 6: Synopsis: Strategies of causal attribution

Patricia Rogers, 2014

World Bank: Impact Evaluation in Practice
Gertler, Paul J .; Martinez, Sebastian; Premand, Patrick; Rawlings, Laura B .; Vermeersch, Christel M. J. 2011






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