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Vice-President Candidate for Costa Rica's past elections 2022-2026 with a proposal of Agility and Digital Transformation for the country.


Rocío moved to Washington DC, USA, after the elections to continue her working as a consultant and coach in topics regarding IT Management, Agile, Project Management, and Social Impact.


Rocío is one of the PMI's reviewers for world standards as part of the global standards and consensus committee.


Graduated from Harvard University in the USA, and from Costa Rica Institute of Technology. Rocío is a Computer Engineer, MBA, Cybersecurity certified, Coach, PMP, SAFe, Disciplined Agile, Scrum Master, and she is currently studying for her Ph.D.


She is co-author of the  Social Impact Agile Manifiesto, and co-founder of the SiAgile Movement, as well as part of the leaders of several agile international communities and PMI communities.


Rocío has worked as a leading expert and technical reviewer for guides about Agile and Project Management at the IDB Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC.


Recognized as one of the 10 most influential women in Costa Rica by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications MICITT.


She is also a business writer for the newspaper and co-author of the book about cultural organization and agile, agile at scale. 


With more than 200 conferences and talks worldwide. Her portfolio includes Pfizer, Roche, HP, General Electric, Eaton, Walmart, Florida Ice & Farm, IBM, IDB, Inter-American Development Bank, Government of Argentina, Government of Paraguay, Government of the Bahamas, Government of Peru, Organizations in Brazil, Armed Forces of Colombia and many more.


Winner of the 2014 Innoventures Award for Innovation in Mexico.


She is an authorized instructor of certifications such as PMP, Scrum Master, and Disciplined Agile, and holds broad experiences in SAFe and DevOps.


Her hobbies: are arts, poetry, photography, and extreme sports.


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